Playa PAraiso

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Looking out over the Mar Menor, from Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso web cam

Sorry, but after taking over 300,000 pictures the camera has developed a fault. I'm guessing that in the last storm water has got into the housing.
Hopefully it will keep working to some extent and next Spring it will be repaced with a new improved system.

The web camsPictured on the left is the new camera, with the old one just below it. They are mounted next to the grills on my front balcony, located low enough so that they can't see the road.
It takes a picture at exactly 02,12,22,32,42 & 52 minutes past each hour and displays it here fourteen minutes later.
The temperature probe is very accurate, but rather exposed so it does jump around a bit and will be in direct sunlight in the evening.

In case you don't know, the work in the foreground is the new and long promised sports complex, under construction.

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Aerial Photograph of the Area
Camera viewThe camera is looking out from Playa Paraiso over the Mar Menor.

In the foreground, you can see the corner of the Salinas de Marchamalo and the path from Playa Paraiso to the beach. If you are lucky you will spot some flamingos, or even a twitcher.
Beyond the salinas, the bank that you can see hides the wide beach.

Beyond that is the Mar Menor and the Isla Del Ciervo.

Thanks to the less than 100% reliability of the Telefonica ADSL connection, the camera will occasionally freeze. It is reset automatically every morning at 1 am. The problem is that once there has been a failure, the video server freezes.
This picture updates every 15 minutes
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