Playa PAraiso
Playa Paraiso view over Salina

Please can you help updating this site

The WebCam and notice board are both very popular features on this site, but a lot of the other pages are seriously out of date. They either need updating or removing and I just don't have the time.

So please can you help.

Have a look around the site and write an update. If everybody just does a few it will keep the site alive.
About 500 people a day visit the site, so your efforts will be appreciated by many.

A few guidelines:
  • The text should be written so that I can simply paste it directly to the web site.
  • That's very important.
  • Remember that it will not be regularly updated, so keep it general.
  • This site is about information, not advertising.
  • Keep it purely factual. Do not use words like 'best, cheapest, friendliest, only'.
  • Photos are welcome, but please just a few and not too big.
  • Phone numbers and links are welcome.

Contact me by email :

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